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 OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. -
facility Světovar


1) Brief profile:

Business firm:       OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. 
Address:    Slovanská alej 32, 326 00 Plzeň, The Czech republic
Phone:  +420 377 482 380, 303

The joint stock company was established on 3th November 2008 by the registration to the Companies Register by Regional court in Pilsen - document B/1476. OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. is a stabilized Czech company of intermediate size. It provides complex serivces to the owners and operators of road vehicles of both Czech and foreign producers. OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. has more than 50-years tradition in the branch of repairs of trucks or commercial vehicles - it continues in a long-time activity of former company ČSAO (Czechoslovakian automobile services).
OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. is situated in Pilsen, close by both border with Germany and border with Austria. There is located the company´s headquarters and producing and repairing facility Světovar. There is very simple access to the firm from almost all directions due to a vicinity of feeder road. OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. 100% subsidiary of the company as OSONA holding, a.s. from which, with effect from 1.1.2009 took all the employees, production and business activities.


2) Main product range and services of OSONA PLZEŇ a. s.:

1) The production of superstructures for trucks and commercial vehicles of all brands, types and categories - the superstructures of own design for various types of vehicles´ undercarriages.



  • platform bodies of all types and constructions
  • van bodies 
                - all-panel bodies
      - dust-proof bodies
     - insulating bodies (refrigerated, deep-freeze, van bodies divided into two parts - e. g. the first part is refrigerated body, the second part is deep-freeze body)
  • special
                - transporters of drinks
      - live animals transporters
  • OSONA holding, a. s. provides:
                - tipping bodies for all brands and all types of trucks
      - container carriers

2) Service and repairs of trucks and their groups and subgroups
(Liaz, Avia, Tatra, ARO, Mercedes-Benz)


  • complete overhauls and routine repairs of goods vehicles incl. veteran vehicles (trucks)
  • complete overhauls of engines all types and other main groups, groups and subgroups of vehicles (gearboxes, axels ...)
  • special services - renovations of components (grinding of crankshafts, reboring of cylinders, adjustment of cylinder heads and engine blocks, all lathe and milling works ...)
  • guarantee and after-guarantee service

3) Painting of large-capacity trucks and large-scale objects

Complex assurance of painting works of vehicles and large-scale objects in new paint booth (length 14 m, height 4 m). Dividable painting booth make possible independent painting of 2 vehicles at once. We use firts-quality paints from company DuPont brandname MULTIMIX in a wide range of colour shades and other kinds of paints according to a customer´s wish and choice of shade.

4) Blast cleaning of metals

We realized blast cleaning of all metal materials by steel gravel. This abrasive blasting is made by hand and the uniform surface is guaranteed by this way. This adaptation offers first-quality surface pretreatment of materials, especially before its painting. Abrasive blasting booth of company OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. has dimensions 11 x 5 x 3,80 m and it has modern facility by systems OTECO.

5) Ecological liquidation of vehicles wrecks - passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers

We make out the receipt concerning to the handover of the vehicle wreck and its disposal. It is necessary for the discard of vehicle from the register of road vehicles.
The approval to running of breaker´s yard gives Regional authority of the Pilsener region reference number ŽP/548/02 from 20. 6. 2002 and OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. has competence to handover of vehicle wreck.
In accordance with a customer´s demand, we can also make the tow of the vehicle wreck (passenger car or truck) to the facility of the company.
The usable components from disabled passenger cars and trucks Liaz, Avia are putted up for sale, there is the possibility of purchase of all used spare parts for older types of vehicles Škoda.

6) Sale of spare parts and accessories


The shop of spare parts and accessories is situated in the facility Světovar, in the central seat of the firm. It offers complete range of original spare parts for vehicles Avia, Liaz and Lublin.

The other offer:

  • new spare parts and accessories for trailers Panav
  • renovated and repaired spare parts for vehicles Liaz, Avia, Tatra
  • reconditioned main groups and subgroups of vehicles Liaz, Avia, Tatra
  • spare parts for repairs of independent heater Webasto
  • accumulators, repaired alternators and starters
  • reflective and warning tables of warning triangles
  • motor, gear, hydraulic oils, cooling liquid, technical gases

7) Sale of motor diesel fuel

    Diesel fuel filling station is situated in the central seat of the company and its operation is continuous for contractual customers. OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. offers drawing up the contract of purchase and the fuelling cards / keyrings are issued to the customers on base of this contract. They can fill up the diesel fuel by means of these cards / keyrings this way - Non-stop unattended fuel outgoings (automated issue). These cards / keyrings serve to the identification of the buyer and his vehicles in the gatehouse of the company and at self-service fuel pump. The price of diesel fuel is always on one of the lowest levels in the region.

3) Other activities:

  • the production of various types of containers for vehicles, production of building containers
  • the sale and the assembly of accessories and supplements for vehicles (sleeping cabins and spoilers, independent heater, hydraulic arms, hydraulic lifting rear section, trailer hitch for towed vehicles, air condition ...)
  • emission measuring, technical inspection (MOT test)
  • delivery and assembly of thermal partition wall
  • breakdown service of trucks and passenger cars all over the Czech republic Non-stop
  • mobile service of trucks Non-stop with possibility of travelling abroad


4) Sale and service cars NISSAN:

          The company provides services to the owners and operators of trucks and commecial vehicles Nissan.

Sphere of business:

  • the sale of new trucks and commercial vehicles NISSAN (Atleon, Cabstar)
  • service and repairs of trucks and commercial vehicles NISSAN
  • the sale of original spare parts and accessories - including express deliveries to 24 hours
  • the assembly of tachographs, emission measuring and technical inspection
  • breakdown service and mobile service of vehicles - continuous operation

OSONA PLZEŇ a. s., Slovanská alej 32, 326 00  Plzeň
Phone: 00420 377 482 201, 119, fax: 00420 377 482 300, e-mail: prodej.nissan@osona.cz, servis.nissan@osona.cz


5) Quality assurance:

          The company´s aim and paramount task is the complete satisfaction of each customer. Keeping of high quality is assured by the quality certificate according to the European standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001:

 Scope of supply:
  • Production, assembly and repairs of flat truck, container and special-purpose superstructures of vehicles.
  • Sale, maintenance service and repairs of road, towed and special-purpose vehicles.
  • Sale of spare parts, vehicle accessories and fuel.
  • Surface finishes and painting of products.
  • Assembly of special and optional equipment onto vehicles.
OSONA PLZEŇ a. s. is the member of Svaz prodejců a opravářů motorových vozidel ("Association of the dealers and services of motor vehicles") 


6) The advantages of our services:

  • quick execution of orders, short delivery terms
  • top quality of all services
  • flexible reaction on eventual claims
  • professional care about each customer


  • flexible reaction on all cutomer´s wishes or demands and individual solution of each order exactly according to all needs and using of superstructures thanks to own design office of supestructures
  • the assembly of accessories and supplements several brands according to a customer´s wish
  • repairs of superstructures all kinds (own or another design)


  • long-time experience with service of motor vehicles
  • technical equipment of the service shop and sufficient technical facility
  • we owns special machine and technological equipment for renovation of vehicles´components (appliance for welding on and grinding of crankshafts and camshafts .... etc.)


  • modern dividable painting booth
  • the possibility of painting of sizeable objects
  • using of first-quality paints brandname Multimix
  • wide rande of colour shades, adaptation of business vehicles to the company colours incl. coating or printing of logo

Blast cleaning :

  • modern facility by systems OTECO, ecological operation of the booth
  • dimensions of the booth 11 x 5 x 3,80 m
  • uniform surface of abrasive blasted material

The production section constitute dependable base for realization of orders. It disposes by manufacturing halls and assembly areas, which are equipped by overhead cranes. The base of production is modern equipped assembly room. Stabile and mobile workplaces are its indivisible parts. It ensures continual service to the customers by failure, defects or breakdowns. Top qualified employees with long-time specialized practise are at all workplaces. The most of them have worked in the company from its establishment.
We also lay emphasis on the ecology of the production, which shoul be a matter of course in each manufacturing company. We still improve working conditions in operations and eliminate methods of operation, which negatively affect working environment. We realized building of a new painting booth with mininal impacts of the operation to the air purity in recent time.


7) Brief presentation of subsidiaries:


       The subsidiary CAR TRADE PLZEŇ, s. r. o. was established in 2002 and dealer contract with KIA MOTORS CZECH, s. r. o. was signed in the same year. The operation was launched on 1st September 2002 in the facility in Koterovská street in Pilsen. The company director is Mr. Jiří Dezort and there is 12 employees.
A new service of passenger cars and commercial vehicles was inaugurated in 2004. It is equipped with the most modern technologic and diagnostic device by Bosch company. Creating of new jobs in the service was the contribution to the development of the region.

Sphere of business:

  • the sale of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles KIA
  • warranty and after-warranty service of KIA vehicles
  • routine repairs of other brands of passenger cars
  • the sale of original spare parts, accessories and supplements
  • the sale, buyout and mediation of the sale of used passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • the assembly of additional equipment to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • technical inspection (MOT test)
  • emission measuring
  • buyout and import of broken vehicles, their repairs and sale, car rental shop

CAR TRADE PLZEŇ,s.r.o., Koterovská 170, 326 00  Plzeň
Phone: 00420 377 241 878, fax: 00420 377 471 629, e-mail: asistentka@cartrade.cz, www.cartrade.cz