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Petr Vávra

Tel.:      377 482 119
Mobil:   606 622 108
Fax:   377 482 172
E-mail:   vavra@osona.cz


Jiří Macek

Tel.:      377 482 200
Mobil:   602 684 074
Fax:   377 482 172
E-mail:   macek@osona.cz


Your message will be send to service department - e-mail: vavra (at) osona (dot) cz (phone number: +420 377 482 119)

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Opening hours:

Mo - Fri:     6:30 - 16:00
Sat:   where necessary of the customers

The company is authorized vehicle service, which fulfils all claims of the Nissan vehicles producer from the viewpoint of both technical equipment, customers´ environment and back office for employees. The service is equiped with modern technologies and diagnosis and all his employees are trained by the official importer of Nissan vehicles for the Czech republic.

We provide all warranty and after-warranty repairs of trucks and commercial vehicles Nissan, including accurate made panelworks and painting works - regular service inspections and repairs of vehicles after accidents. We also ensure the professional assembly of suplements and accessories according to the customers´ wishes. All our activities are realized with top quality, in the shortest possible terms and for very interesting prices.

We realize all actions prescribed by the producer and the oil change too. It is better to shorten the intervals of service inspections, if the vehicle is used by extreme loading or in extreme environment (sometimes on half).
We make all works to put your vehicle after accident in the first-class condition with using original parts Nissan. The surface treatment of components and vehicles is realized in the painting booth of our parent company, which is situated in the same facility.

The activity of the service and assurance of other actions:

- panelworks
- brake testing station
- geometry of the undercarriage
- the assembly of radio
- beep of reverse driving
- the assembly of tachographs
- emission measuring
- technical inspection
- towing service to ensure NON STOP
- mobile service
- painting works

All repairs are carried out according to international quality standards ISO 9001:2001 

Waiting room for customers


The office for receipt of orders


 The office for receipt of orders

 Work-room for Nissan trucks


 Work-room for Nissan trucks


 Work-room for Nissan trucks