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MOBILE KIOSK on the commercial vehicle



Petr Kufner


    +420 377 482 171  
mobile phone:    +420 606 620 720
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail:    kufner@osona.cz


       Jiří Honzík


    +420 377 482 171
mobile phone:    +420 606 688 270
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: honzik@osona.cz


Jakub Kroupa


    +420 377 482 192
mobile phone:    +420 602 236 832
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: kroupa@osona.cz


Mobile kiosk is produced as a prototype in a classical design or modification.
Mobile kiosk size, its design and mobility can be adapted to the customer´s wish.


Mobile stall is assigned as for smaller as for larger actions (like beer festivals, open-door days, presentation exhibitions etc.)


  • steel construction of the grate, treatment surface - heat zinc
  • panel van body is divided into two parts
  • front part:
    • cooling box for placing of KEG barrels
    • apparatus for prodution of electricity about power 2x2 kW is situated overhead
    • cooling unit Carrier Basic 700 EL/220 V
  • rear part:
    • hinged sides and rear section from aluminium sections
    • it is kept up in open position by gas pressure springs
    • the bar with equipment for aftercooling is situated in the centre of operating part
    • side hinged sales counters
  • linking of the front and rear part is by the door (width 600 mm)
  • lighting of the sale space is by the ceiling fluorescent lamps 220 V
  • inner water distribution with possiblity of external connection

Dimensions: according to the user´s demand and chosen vehicle undercarriage type
Modification: it can be used for all types of undercarriages up to gross weight from 3,5 t to 6 t
Warranty period: 24 months on the superstructure, 36 months on the grate
Delivery term: by 8 weeks