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Petr Vávra

Tel.:      377 482 119
Mobil:   606 622 108
Fax:   377 482 172
E-mail:   vavra@osona.cz


Jiří Macek

Tel.:      377 482 200
Mobil:   602 684 074
Fax:   377 482 172
E-mail:   macek@osona.cz


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Mo - Fri:     6:30 - 16:00
Sat:   where necessary of the customers

 Repair of the vehicle LIAZ

Our company also offers a normal repair of vehicles other
brands foreign and domestic production, not located in the 
chapters component repair and service.

From many of our companies in this segment
this is particularly the repair of vehicles and LIAZ, LUBLIN,
other marks on the repair of cars IVECO.



All repairs are carried out according to international quality standards ISO 9001:2001