OSONA PLZEŇ, a.s.OSONA PLZEŇ, a.s. OSONA PLZEŇ, a.s. nástavby nástavby



            Ladislav Lenc
car breaker´s yard manager

Phone:      +420 377 482 150 
Mobile phone:   +420 724 359 529
Facsimile:   +420 377 482 150
e-mail:   autovrakoviste@osona.cz





Opening hours:

Mo - Fri       6:00 - 16:00







in the area OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. provide:

external weighing vehicles, bodies, kits, and costs up to 60t
using the bridge balance PROFI UNIVERSAL with a maximum deviation of 10/20 kg weight,
corresponding III. accuracy class according to ČSN EN 4550 1 AC.

weighing price 1: 150,- incl. VAT

This weight may be weighed road vehicles of all kinds, they do not exceed the threshold capacity and size of the bridge.
Weighing is done without subscription while you wait.

All information in the office scrapyard.