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PANEL VAN BODIES - dust-proof bodies


Rudolf Brousek, business director

mobile phone:

    +420 602 280 123
telephone:    +420 377 482 300, 380
facsimile:    +420 377 482 300
e-mail:    market@osona.cz


Receipt of orders - superstructures:


Petr Kufner


    +420 377 482 171  
mobile phone:    +420 606 620 720
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail:    kufner@osona.cz


       Jiří Honzík


    +420 377 482 171
mobile phone:    +420 606 688 270
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: honzik@osona.cz


Jakub Kroupa


    +420 377 482 192
mobile phone:    +420 602 236 832
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: kroupa@osona.cz


 Dust-proof body, 
undercarriage Iveco


 Dust-proof body - inside, 


 Dust-proof body, 
undercarriageIveco Daily


Dust-proof body, 
undercarriage Iveco Daily


 Dust-proof body, undercarriage Kia


 Dust-proof body, undercarriage Kia

Dust-proof body - inside, 
undercarriage Man

 Dust-proof body, 
undercarriage Renault

 Dust-proof body with hydraulic lifting rear
section, undercarriageRenault


Standard design of a dust-proof van body

  • the frame made from thin-walled steel section is done by heat galvanizing
  • the floor is water-resistant anti-slip batten plywood, construction of the superstructure is made from steel and aluminium section, palted by units from painted aluminium sheet metal (shade of the painted sheet metal - white)
  • the roof is from polyester, layed on aluminium omega sections
  • portal of rear double-wing door and front corner pillars are made out of galvanized bent sections, painted to the white shade of the superstructure jacketing
  • rear double-wing door with concealed shut 1+1
  • side single wing door with concealed shut
  • door fitting and hinges are zinc coated or rustless
  • external binded ledges of the superstructure are made out of natural aluminium. Rubber stops on the sill of rear portal, door stay in the open position.
  • interior lamp of the van is controlled from the driver´s cab

It is possible to do panelling of the walls and ceiling including thermal insulating by the superstructure. The assembly of the drip molding and anchoring ledges and other supplements of the van is produced according to the demands of customer.
The superstructure protections and external illumination in accordance with the notice of Transport Ministry.

Other extra charge equipment:

  • sleep cabs PONY
  • spoilers ZAKO, PONY
  • trailer hitches
  • independent heater WEBASTO, ATESO, TRUMA
  • hydraulic lifting rear sections and vertical platforms BÄR, DHOLLANDIA, ZEPRO, ANTEO