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Rudolf Brousek, business director

mobile phone:

    +420 602 280 123
telephone:    +420 377 482 300, 380
facsimile:    +420 377 482 300
e-mail:    market@osona.cz


Receipt of orders - superstructures:


Petr Kufner


    +420 377 482 171  
mobile phone:    +420 606 620 720
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail:    kufner@osona.cz


       Jiří Honzík


    +420 377 482 171
mobile phone:    +420 606 688 270
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: honzik@osona.cz


Jakub Kroupa


    +420 377 482 192
mobile phone:    +420 602 236 832
facsimile:    +420 377 482 172
e-mail: kroupa@osona.cz

Platform body with a tarpaulin,
undercarriage Daf

 Platform body with a tarpaulin,
undercarriage Volvo


 Platform body with a tarpaulin,
undercarriage Man

 Platform body with a tarpaulin,
undercarriage Man


 Platform body with a tarpaulin,
undercarriage Nissan Cabstar

Platform body with a rear gate,
undercarriage Renault

 Platform body with loading arm,
undercarriage Nissan Atleon


Platform body, undercarriage Kia

Platform body with a hydraulic lifting rear
section, undercarriage Iveco Daily

 Platform body with loading arm,
undercarriage Iveco Daily 4 x 4

 Platform body with loading arm,
undercarriage Iveco Stralis

 Platform body, undercarriage Peugeot Boxer

Standard design of a platform body

  • platform body with a grate from steel sections with anti-corrosive treatment by heat galvanizing or from aluminium sections
  • the floor of platform body is made from quality water-resistant batten plywood with anti-skid surface. The floor is sticked by the polyurethane adhesive sticking material.
  • sideboards are made from aluminium sections, 400 mm high
  • front section is aluminium, 600 mm high
  • platform body has 1pair of folding side removable pillars

Tarpaulin structure with platform tarpaulin:
The type of tarpaulin structure is "Standard" - detachable, made out of light steel sections. The colour of TIR tarpaulin is in shade of RAL according to the customer´s choice. Wooden boards are used as tarpaulin barriers. Number of rows above itself is determined by the heigh of the construction.

The superstructure is completed according to the type of undercarriage - by plastic mudguards, underride protections and outside lighting in accordance with the notice of Transport Ministry.

Other extra charge equipment:

  • tarpaulin folding systems EDSCHA a SESAM
  • sleep cabs PONY, ZAKO 
  • spoilers ZAKO, PONY
  • trailer hitches
  • independent heater WEBASTO, ATESO, TRUMA
  • hydraulic lifting rear sections and vertical platforms BÄR, DHOLLANDIA, ZEPRO, ANTEC 
  • hydraulic arms of all brands