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Production center
Production center occupies in the structure of society as OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. one of its main parts.
The production takes place in two halls of the built area of over 3000 meters. It also includes a large area of hard surfaces for external storage, custody of the new chassis for installation of superstructures and handling facilities.
Production center closely cooperates with other parts OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. - Paint shop, which occupies the size of its leading position in the region.
Below the center is a large paint shop facility for metals, where the finishing before coating steel abrasives used to 12m components or extensions (tippers, containers etc.) in the paint booths is possible to work with superstructures to semi-size (14 m).
In preparing to self-assembling components extensions cooperate metal machining center with a complete machinery.
Technical support, which is responsible for the operation of the center OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. and is leading the center, teachers, construction, technical training and production department of material supply, storage and transport.
The fulfillment of these contracts the production capacity to the old custom and commercial department under the direction of the commercial director.

Department of design and technical preparation of production, quality control
Construction of centers using advanced software and using the modeling program, SolidWorks creates high-quality drawing documentation. Single any conflict situation in the articles are modeled, calculated and this activity is one of the important parts for the safe performance of products.
To minimize incidents and claims of defects in the products is very beneficial to the strict observance of the principles of quality control system ISO 9001, the certificate name as OSONA PLZEŇ a.s. already own and regularly advocates. Appointment quality inspectors and their inter-and final control positively influence the overall result of the manufacturing process.


Production hall for the construction of prefabricated boxes all categories
By ordering is a complete implementation of a set of box bodies. From small bakery to a large longitudinal freezing cold body with a certificate of heat permeability.


Great production hall for the production of other types of extensions
Standard and strictly one-body exactly according to customer requirements. There is currently no longer the standard type of extensions are transporters of drinks and tippers of all brands of chassis.
This workshop is also manufacturing extension lorry trailers and box type.


The formatting plates (floor, inner linings, etc.)
New equipment from Dutch firm Elcon provides accurate and high-quality vertical formatting of all types of plate material on the maximum dimensions of 2,150 mm x 3,000 mm.


Space for the preparation and formatting of metal material
Manufacture of parts is carried out in separate areas.
There is 4 meters long and a new press brake table shears.
For shortening rod materials used machinery band saws and mobile plasma torches Cobol.


Stores and material supply
Head material supply is working closely with the design department and the head of the Center, and together form an environment for the earliest possible response to each potential customer requirements. Today, in addition to the overall price and quality important also speed the performance of the contract itself. This is used by a large internal storage and external.


New workplace
Production facilities have been reinforced by the entire newly built workshop, which is currently undergoing repair of large bodies crashed.


Welding precious materials (stainless steel, aluminum)
For welding stainless steel for the manufacture of portals extensions and welding aluminum alloys are used machines MIGATRONIC Flex 4000 and the 5000th The quality of work provided by the staff with the official examinations for this type of welding, which at regular intervals to complete the examination in atestovaných welding equipment.